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Here are some nice titles I've acquired in the last few months, including six more Gershwin classics.

Summertime-1935.gif (121558 bytes)
Gershiwn wrote for several of George White's Broadway shows in the early 20's
LifeOfARose-1923.gif (94960 bytes)

Universal Theme music of 99% of every PM cartoon show..

"We were sailin' along..."

From Louis Prima to David Lee Roth..

Remember this from "Jaws"...

A relatively famous "Novelty" song, WW I

An example of what passed for BillBailey-1915.gif (156825 bytes)
 racial understanding in 1907
BeautifulDoll-1911.gif (107477 bytes)
Freckles-1919.gif (114745 bytes)
from 1919, w/Nora Bayes autograph
One of the more racially sensitive
popular songs of the Jolson era..
BreakTheNews-1917.gif (149966 bytes)
Another rather maudlin WW 1 song
This IS your MerryOldsmobile-1925.gif (118767 bytes)
grandfathers' Oldsmobile...
Hoodlum-1919.gif (146076 bytes)
from one of Mary Pickford's early movies, 1919
MothersOldSweetLullaby.gif (88516 bytes) Moonlight-1915.gif (171434 bytes) SilverThreads.gif (116230 bytes)
MyButterfly-1917.gif (107727 bytes) MyCastles.gif (116850 bytes) OldPal-1920.gif (159835 bytes) Believe it or not, the young man is YourDaddyDidTheSame-1912.gif (147923 bytes)
ashamed to admit he's about to elope...
SilveryMoon-1909.gif (138415 bytes) SummertimeDixie.gif (187240 bytes) WishIWasInDixi.gif (119437 bytes) YouDontKnow.jpg (69621 bytes)
He's off to the war, GoodByeDad-1912.gif (193909 bytes)
I'm just not sure which one.. from 1912...